Client Story:
American Campus Communities


ACC came to us with the theme, “Bringing it all Together” for their upcoming Annual Review to shareholders. The goal was to communicate how the company had successfully completed a huge acquisition of one of its biggest competitor’s properties. ACC also wanted to show how, even though they’d grown as a company, they were still a unified group who had hard working team members all across the country. We knew that traveling to any of the dozens of ACC locations across the US wasn’t an option.

Creative Response

Castleview decided on using a repetitive visual element to tell their story: the flash card. The plan was to capture American Campus Communities employees all across the nation holding these flash cards in front of different campuses and ACC properties.  This worked on two levels: it was completely in sync with the theme “Bringing it All Together” and perfectly communicated that “we’re all in this together.”

Project Description

The logistics of this shoot were tricky: how do we get the flash cards in the hands of employees who are more than 1000 miles away and what will the messages read on the different flash cards? The solution was utilizing a standard size, white foam, poster board that we could purchase anywhere. We captured local employees in various locations in Austin, but we needed visuals from across the nation. To do this we contacted more than 30 ACC employees around the country with instructions to capture their own versions of team members holding flash cards. We contacted local print shops in each of these cities and had them deliver the blank flash cards to their local American Campus Communities property. We gathered all the clips and superimposed facts, stats and messaging for the video onto the flash cards. The end shot with more than 50 employees was shot outside ACC headquarters. In the end Castleview “brought it all together.”

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