Client Story:
Starmark Pet Products


Starmark is the scrappy little guy of the pet product industry that’s dominated by a handful of mega-brands. Starmark’s marketing team came to Castleview to help create an unforgettable presentation for the annual managers’ conference for the nation’s largest pet store chain. Starmark needed a presentation that highlighted the quality of its products and set it apart from dozens of other presenters.

Creative Response

We built the presentation around the story of Joker, a fictional dog who comes on hard times because he was deprived of Starmark toys. Reenactments of Joker’s saga illustrated the impact quality dog toys can have one the life of bored pet. We created two additional timelapse videos of a dog playing with Starmark toys for more than 15 minutes.  And our graphic designer created a simple, bold graphic look that fit the Starmark brand and presenters the room to talk about their passion for making happy pets and happy families.

Project Description

We learned a few things on this on, for instance, it’s not easy to make a dog look sad, especially when its panting. With a lot of patience, the Castleview crew spent a day shooting at Starmark Academy in Hutto to capture our dog talent in scenes depicting the trip home from the animal shelter, playing with kids, saying goodbye to the family, then tearing apart the family couch and returning to said animal shelter. The result is the video below.


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