Client Story:
TABC Mobile App Campaign


The TABC wanted to give Texans an easier way to report illegal behavior in bars and restaurants, like selling alcohol to minors or over serving. Until now, you had to search through the TABC website to make a report. This resulted in very little public input. The TABC wanted to develop a mobile app to make this process easier, and they knew they needed a way to promote the app so people would download it.

Creative Response

We wanted a message that was edgy enough to speak to the younger audience of Texans who frequent bars, but it also needed to be effective in getting people to actually try out the app. We knew we couldn’t be preachy, so we created situations in our spots that our audience would somehow recognize as a familiar, but with a twist: “Is that a cell phone on his elbow?”  Our message, there are far better things you can do with your smart phone and the new TABC app is one of them.“Don’t Be Dumb with Your Smart Phone”capitalizes on the group-think that sometimes comes over young people who might take things a bit too far while out drinking.

Project Description

One Mobile Reporting App (Right) Our interactive team created an easy to use app for both iOS and Android that allows users fill out a form and automatically send a report directly to TABC within minutes.

Three PSAs TABC (Below) We went through two rounds of casting to select a diverse group of actors who were believable as friends. For the tricks in the spots, we were tactful about the way we built the props —  we couldn’t afford to destroy a dozen real smart phones. Plus we needed the props to be reusable so we could shoot the tricks over and over. The result is a combination of dummy phones, discarded older phones, and real phones. All three spots were shot in the same overnight shoot at the same location. Each spot took between 3 and 4 hours to capture.





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