My Big Fat Pet Makeover

Premieres Saturday, September 30th at 9 PM CST
on Animal Planet

More than 50% of our cats and dogs in the U.S. are struggling with obesity. The growing epidemic inspired the inception of My Big Fat Pet Makeover, Animal Planet’s new unscripted show that aims to raise awareness and empower pet owners to help their pets live longer, healthier, and happier lives. After Castleview Productions developed the show’s concept, we worked with pet trainer and animal expert, Travis Brorsen, and independent professional talent over a ten-month period to produce a show that fights pet obesity and its related health problems. Pet owners and their overweight animals went through a four-month long journey to help reduce life shortening issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart failure through personalized exercise and diet plans and positive reinforcement training methods. Creative “wake-up calls” for owners are also implemented by Brorsen to help them better understand the experience of their obese pet, like by having an owner wear a weighted vest.

Our business has always focused on telling meaningful stories that cause good things to happen and this show certainly fits that mold. It’s helping families take better care of their pets. It’s bringing a lot of attention to the pet obesity problem. And it’s put a lot of a talented people to work.

Being one of Austin’s primary film and video production company for over fifteen years, we have developed a large network of accomplished filmmakers within our large creative community.

We’re lucky to live and work in a city with so many great storytellers in the film and video industry. Literally within four weeks of getting the green light from Animal Planet, we were able to put together nearly our entire production team by tapping almost exclusively into our Austin network.

Production for the first season of My Big Fat Pet Makeover created 40 crew positions. Together, we assembled an intentionally Austin-centric team, of which 36 are local to the city. Castleview’s leadership for My Big Fat Makeover includes Co-Executive Producer Heather Mansfield, Line Producer Sonia Anguiano of Austin, as well as Executive Producer Jessica Reynolds of Los Angeles.

This past year and a half has been a whirlwind of growth and new opportunities for our team. Our bandwidth has expanded exponentially with this show, and I think our commercial and corporate clients are already experiencing the benefit of that.

Ready to see if Brorsen is able to help these families and their beloved pets make it out of their dire situations? Join us for our television production debut, these inspiring pet journeys, and their final weigh-ins starting September 30th, 2017 on Animal Planet!